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7 Mar
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 Nature, Environment, countryside?



Nature, the environment or the countryside?

Tourist or tourism?These are the words that most of the IELTS candidates are always confused about. So, it’s better to review them once and remember them forever. First, we are going to review the definition of the word below. Pay close attention.

Nature: all the things in the world which exist naturally and were not created by people.

The environment: the land, water, and air that animals and plants live in. it is usually used when talking about the way people use or damage the natural world.

Countryside: a land where there are no towns or cities.

Tourism: the business of providing services such as transport, places to stay or entertainment for people who are on holiday.

 Try to do the example below: Complete these sentences by writing the correct form of the words ‘nature, countryside, tourist, tourism’.(You will have to use one word twice.)

- Phoned you earlier about an eco-holiday, you know, one of those holidays where you don’t damage ------- at all and you get close to-------.

- You get to stay in a quite luxurious house or cabin built high up in a tree and surrounded bu lovely------.

- You go and stay with a local family in their house in a small mountain village away from other ----- and the usual ----- spots.

- You might like it because international ----- hasn’t spoilt it yet.

Now in below sentences, there are four sentences contain a mistake made by IELTS candidates in the exam. Find and correct the mistakes.

- As far as I am concerned, the increase in the amount of tourist in inevitable.

- In conclusion, the nature we live in is very important to use and therefore we should all try to protect it.

- There is also a very positive side to tourists because it brings money and business to places.

- They live in a lovely old house surrounded by beautiful countryside.

- People from the city leave their rubbish in nature and spoil it as a result

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