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5 Oct
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When we are sick we know we should see a doctor, but when it is a special kind of pain then we should go to a doctor who has specialty over that pain. In other words, we need a specialist. Do you know the different names for specialists? Here is a small list of them.



As the name implies an allergist is a doctor who has a specialty on the identification and treatment of different kinds of allergies like asthma or other related diseases. They find out what triggers the disease and help patients to prevent the symptoms.



We all need them before having surgeries. They have a specialty to put the patients to sleep before surgery or relieve the pain.



Cardiologists are doctors who are for any cardiovascular diseases which include heart and blood vessels.



Doctors who are for skin, nail, or hair treatment are called dermatologists. they could also provide you several treatments that deal with everything from acne treatment to anti-aging procedures.


Emergency Medicine / Emergency (ER)

Doctors Emergency doctors care for patients with an immediate medical attention such as acute illnesses or injuries from accidents and they would undertake acute interventions to stabilize the patient.



A hematologist has a specialty about blood cell diseases or blood-forming organs diseases.



A neurologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases that affect the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and the neurons). For instance, people who are dealing with problems with their senses may also consult a neurologist because such problems may be sometimes caused by disorders in the system. A Clinical Neurophysiologist is a specialized with neurology who diagnoses any problem dealing with the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system with the aid of electrophysiological tests.



Coming from the Greek word "onks” which means “tumor” or “mass”, oncology is the branch of science that deals with cancers. Hence, oncologists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer.



A pathologist is a trained medical doctor who performs autopsies in the examination of tissue (such as a mole) and blood samples to diagnose a disease and produces a pathological report. A pale pathologist is a doctor that studies ancient diseases.

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