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16 Dec
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Let’s continue with more idioms that you may use someday in your English life.

The followings are the rest of the previous ones:


To look like a million dollars/bucks

If someone tells you that they know that you just had a big compliment. The idiom is used especially for ladies who have made themselves pretty.


Wow, Mary! You look like a million bucks tonight what did you do to yourself?


To cut to the chase

When we don’t have enough time to have more conversation with our listener but still want to get to the main points we use the idiom. We don’t want to miss out the important things.


Mike doesn’t talk too much. Please cut the chase and tell us why you wanted to talk with us.


To find your feet

It happens sometimes that we move to a new place or situation and we are haven’t still adjusted ourselves to the new position then the idiom can be used.


Jack hasn’t found his feet yet. He was just hired two days ago.


To get over something

It means when a bad thing happens to us that can be emotional like breaking up with our loved ones then the idiom can be used. To forget about the bad and hard time that we have when that happens to us we need some time. After the time is over and we don’t get emotional about the matter any more then we have gotten over that.


Sally, finally has gotten over her divorce. She is happier these days. I’m glad for her.


To keep your chin up

Have you ever lost your job? Have you ever tried to get to something and you couldn’t do that? We all experience tough situations. When our friends or loved ones tell us to keep our chin up it means that don’t be sad and be strong. It’ll pass and you will be ok.


I told Mark to keep his chin up and be strong. Because he was just fired yesterday. He is smart and he can get a better job.


Hope these idioms come handy to you.

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