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13 Dec
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There are many idioms in English but there are some that are used daily and routinely that we are going to mention some of them here.


Hit the books

Meaning that someone wants to study. You may hear that among university or school students when they have an important exam or class.


I’m sorry I can’t go to the cinema tonight with you because I have a test tomorrow and I have to hit the books.


Hit the sack

When you are tired and want to go to bed then the idiom can be used.


I’ve worked so hard today that I’m going to hit the sack early tonight.


Twist someone’s arm

When you convince someone to do something then you can use the idiom.


Sara didn’t want to come to my birthday party because she doesn’t like some of my guests, but I twisted her arm and she accepted to come.


Up in the air

When things are uncertain and not for sure then this idiom can be used.


I don’t know if I can have a day off for the trip. It’s still up in the air.


Stab someone in the back

When someone who is close to you does something that you don’t like then this phrase can be used.


My best friend stabbed me in the back by telling my secret to my parents.


Lose your touch

It means when you lose your effect or your talent doesn’t work anymore.


My students don’t listen to me anymore. It seems I have lost my touch.


Sit tight

When you have to wait for a long time or sit in your place with care then the idiom can be used.


Sit tight. I’m going to pass the red light.

The test result will be out soon. You just sit tight.


For more routine idioms follow our next articles.

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