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5 Sep
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body idioms




It’s interesting to know that there are some idioms that not only use fruits or vegetables to express something but use body parts too. Here are some examples of body idioms that you can use.


All ears: Fully listening

Tell me about your wedding, I’m all ears.


Break a leg: Good luck

It’s a big day for you, isn’t it? Break a leg.


Cold feet: Feeling nervous just before a big event

She always gets cold feet before going on stage.


Cost an arm and a leg: Very expensive

The house is very good but it costs an arm and a leg.


Cry your heart out: To cry very hard

I cried my heart out when I heard that my favorite cousin had gone away.


Face the music: Accept the bad consequence like criticism or punishment

She was afraid of going home with the bad grades she got at school. But she had to face the music.


(my) Flesh and blood: Relative

Our boss is not going to fire her because she’s his flesh and blood.


Get something off one's chest: Tell someone your problems

I need to talk to somebody. I have got to get it off my chest.


Give a hand/lend a hand: To help (someone) to do something

I’ll give you a hand if you need any.


Have one’s head in the clouds: Be unaware or unrealistic about something

No wonder she failed the test. She had her head in the clouds because she didn’t study at all.


Head over heels: Deeply in love

My sister is head over heels for her husband.


Keep an eye on: To protect, take care of

I’ll keep an eye on your children while you are out shopping.


learn by heart, know by heart: To memorize

I learned my multiplication tables by heart in the fourth grade.


(my) lips are sealed: To promise to keep a secret

Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody. My lips are sealed.


Over my dead body: Not unless I’m dead and can’t stop you

My daughter wants a tattoo. I told her she'd get one over my dead body.


Pull one’s leg: To tease someone

They always pull his leg.


Rule of thumb: Basic rule

The rule of thumb is that the students wear black pants and white shirts.


A sweet tooth: A love of sugar

She eats a lot of candy. She has a sweet tooth.


wash one's hands of something: To stop dealing with an issue

I’m going to wash my hands of her studying. She is not interested in learning anything at all.


Hope these interesting idioms come handy when you need them.

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