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13 Aug
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Life is not always nice and easy. Sometimes difficulties, accidents or emergencies may happen. What if a pilot is coping with an emergency in flight control or a ship’s captain has a major problem with the ship. How is it usually coped with and what are the words used in English?

In telecommunications used by vessels the word “ Mayday” is used to get help. It was first officially accepted as a distress call in 1948. In case of an emergency the pilot or the captain repeats the word three times , so it is not mistaken by other words during the distress. Since it is used for the very serious times of distress faking it has a very heavy price to pay. It can cost going to jail up to six years or paying $250,000 fine.

Not all distress times or emergencies are made by telecommunications. Sometimes people who are left alone on an island or lost somewhere and can’t reach any body may use the word “SOS” that stands for “ save our soul” or “ save our ship”. These three letters are easy to use and understood worldwide as a help sign for anybody who uses that. It can be written on anything in hand and shown to the eyes of possible passers to get help.

let's hope it never happens for anybody but we know that accidents and emergencies do  happen. it's good to know how to ask for help in a very quick and understanding way or even understand if someone else uses that.


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