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9 Oct
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make up




Make-up has many meanings in English, but one of the meanings is when women use cosmetics to look more beautiful. We know that our skin should be able to breathe and be clean to stay healthy and shiny and there are some negative thoughts and believes about putting up makeup. However, like everything else using cosmetics has its own positive points too that are going to be explained briefly.



One good point about putting on make-up is that it gives women self-confidence. Using cosmetics is just a way of polishing your look in the eyes of others. Looking better and nicer always gives us more confidence.


A tool for connecting women

It has been thought that makeup causes a feeling of envy among women but it has been proven that it not only causes them to connect with each other to know more about using cosmetics but as they start talking about how they use it or where they get their things it creates a bond between them.


More alive

Our outfit, when we are in the house, is different from what we wear outside. The same is true for wearing make-up. Women usually have no makeup to light one at home whereas for going out they try to wear a different kind of make-up and for doing so they need an outfit that suits their make-up too. So, this how good I look makes them ready to go out and more ready to mix with the society.


Looking more competent

As it was mentioned above wearing makeup gives women more confidence. Having more confidence also makes others think you are competent and fun to be with.


Having self-time

As women spend some time for wearing their make-up they know that it is their own private time and psychologically it gives them a peaceful time. whether music is listened or it is done quietly a woman feels peaceful and relaxed as she is wearing her make up. So, it can be a short meditation phase.

Sleeping better

Did you know that sleeping while having make-up is much better than not wearing it? According to a study published in a journal psychology, women who wore make-up two nights or more in a week had a better sleeping time quality than those without or less than two nights’ make-up. It is thought maybe there are some elements used in the cosmetics that make the sleeper having a better quality of sleep.


In general, it all depends on an individual point of view of wearing or not wearing make-up. But it should be said that a good makeup should be light and invisible to distinguish, so it is not hard to see the real face of the user. You want to look better and more beautiful not to cover and hide the real you.


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