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15 Nov
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Loving idioms

Give some loving spice to your conversation by using love in your idioms.

Here are some examples.


Be in love with somebody

When you love someone you are in love with the person.

Jack is in love with Mary. They are going to marry next month.


Fall in love with somebody/fall for somebody

When for the first time you feel you love someone the idiom is used.

Jane is falling in love with Mike. My brother has fallen in love with one of his classmates.




Love, at first sight

It means that you fall in love the minute you see the person.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, in fact, I fell in love with my husband at first sight.


Be crazy or nuts about someone

It is when you love someone very much.

John is crazy about her new girlfriend. His girlfriend is also nuts about him.


Sweep off one’s feet

To make someone loving you passionately

Jane sweeps off Bob’s feet. He can’t take his eyes off her.


Win somebody’s heart

To make someone crazy for you

Mark finally won Jane’s heart. He tried so hard for three months and he finally succeeded.


Lose one’s heart to somebody

Again means to fall in love

Why are you so sad John? I have lost my heart to Mary but she doesn’t like me.


Have a crush on somebody

It is used for the love that doesn’t end so long.

Students usually have a crush on their teachers.


Be infatuated with somebody

To be madly in love with someone but in a very basic way

Why does Mary want to marry John? He is no good for her.

Unfortunately, she is infatuated with him.


These were some loving idioms that can be used in your conversation to spice up your talking.

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