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2 Sep
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What is the difference between “alone” and “loneliness”? Alone in English grammar is an adjective and defines the noun in the sentence but loneliness is a noun.


She is an alone girl.

Her loneliness never ends.

As you can see from the sentences they are used in different situations. Although they support the same emotion there is a distinct difference between the two. Let’s look at the differences to know what is being alone and being lonely.

Loneliness is a condition where you don’t like it at all. You are isolated from everyone and you expect someone to come for you to spend some time together, but nobody is coming. You are isolated and feel the loneliness.

On the other hand being alone is your choice, your option to be away from other people because you enjoy it and want to feel your freedom. So, you decide to be alone to be more relaxed.

Loneliness is not your choice, therefore you feel sad and cry from time to time while nobody sees you crying. But when you are alone and it is your choice you have a sense of satisfaction with yourself and you are happy and can laugh and have fun with your own activities.

Loneliness is a feeling of abandon, but being alone is a sense of physical and mental freedom.

Loneliness causes you to find the distractions to make yourself free of it. You are seeking for a way to get rid of it. Being alone allows you to follow your heart and go for your wishes and dreams.

In loneliness, you blame yourself for it whereas for being alone you love yourself for the choice that you have made.

Loneliness gives you a disconnected feeling but in being alone you connect with your inner part.

When you are in your loneliness and you don’t like it, you are constantly fighting with yourself in your mind and brain. Being alone, on the other hand, brings you peace and relaxation.

In loneliness, you think your happiness is dependent on someone else but in being alone you try to find the happiness with yourself.

Loneliness makes you have a desire for something that doesn’t exist but in being alone you feel that you have everything in your solitude.

Loneliness is rooted in fear. Being alone is rooted in peace.

Loneliness doesn’t let you rest. Being alone is being contented with yourself.

As you can see from all the definitions loneliness is a state of unhappiness, nervousness, and feeling abandoned. Whereas being alone is everything that one chooses to have; freedom, happiness with oneself and relaxation.

The big difference is in “knowing”. Know yourself and be happy with it. Don’t depend on others to make you happy.



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