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5 Feb
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The word “like” has many meanings in English and the following article has the different meanings along with examples for you.



The word alone has the meaning of “favorite”.

For example:

I like red cars. (My favorite cars are red cars.)

She likes cats. (Her favorite animal are cats.)

They like going to the cinema. (Their favorite activity is going to the cinema.)


If the word like is used with a verb to be then it talks about a person’s character.

What is your sister like?

She is kind and funny.

What is your teacher like?

She is serious but understanding.

What are your neighbors like?

They are friendly and kind.



Would like

The word means “want”.

For example:

I would like a glass of water, please. (I want a glass of water.)

She wouldn’t like to talk about her age. (She doesn’t want to talk about her age.)

They would like to invite you to their wedding. (They want to invite you to their wedding.)


Look like

The word looks like is about a person’s appearance.

For example:

What does your friend look like?

She is tall and thin.

What does your teacher look like?

He is short and medium weight.


A short story with different forms of “like”.

“Mary likes going to parties but she doesn’t like to go there alone, so she is always looking for someone to go with her. Her sister sometimes goes with her because they are two close friends. Sometimes, the parties are in the middle of the week and her sister Maya wouldn’t like to go because she has to get up early the next day.

When they go to the parties Maya finds friends very soon. She is a person who attracts everybody to her but Mary doesn’t look that way.”


Hope the short story is helpful for you to understand the different forms of the word “like”.

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