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4 Oct
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life stages





Like everything else, life has different stages too. Here we look at different stages of human life. Starting with:

No it is not a newborn because life has started way before it.

The first stage is called “pre-birth”. The minute conception happens, life starts. Millions of cells start growing together to form a fetus and then a baby. The pre-birth stage is a special bond between the baby and the mother. During this time the mother feeds the fetus with her body and a new baby is formed.

The next stage is “birth”. A new life is born, so we can call this stage “hope stage”. As long as there are birth and a new life there can be hope for better things. What comes after birth is known for everybody.

This stage is called “infancy”. From 0-3 months infants are entirely dependent on their mothers or someone who cares for them.

“Early childhood” starts from 3-6 months. The child is more playful now and is eager to learn a lot from the surroundings and people around, especially the parents.

“Middle childhood” starts from 6-8. During this stage not only the child’s body is growing but the baby’s mind starts thinking of him/herself. Imagination becomes more powerful now and it’s time to go to school for getting more mature.

“late childhood” is there when the child is 9-12. More emotional changes are happening to the child’s body and mind. Still, the body is changing and growing and the child has started to get a self-consciousness about self and the world around.

“Teenage or adolescence” stage from 12-20. Little by little the child enters a phase that goes towards more independence and experiencing the world alone. Having more personal thoughts and feelings start to show up and it is at its peak as the child gets older and closer to 20.

“Early adulthood” is what we call 20-35. Now the child is an adult. Someone who can live alone and other people can count on the person. Lots of skills and education degrees should be earned by now to survive in the society.

“Mid-life” is from 35-50. The person now starts thinking about having the own family or business. Lots of experiences have been earned and the lifestyles are usually changed in this phase.

“Mature adulthood” 50-80. The people in this phase have been succeeded to have families, job experiences and lots of other things that have owned during their lifetime that make them a giver. There are many things that can be shared by them.

“late adulthood” is80+. At this stage, depending on the health of individuals some may need other’s attention again. Like babies who need the attention of another caring person.

“dying”. The last stage here on earth is death. This stage shows us that life is short. It is a gift that is given to us only once, so it’s better not to take it for granted.


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