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13 Nov
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There are a lot of Idioms which have the word “Leg” in them; here we have introduced some of them and also their meaning in the English language.

1) A Leg to stand on

It means a support or something you can lean on.

Example: He thinks that the reason for his failures in life is because of not having a leg to stand on.

2) A lie has no legs

It means that a lie can easily be revealed.

Example: You can't get away with a lie; a lie has no legs.

3) Break a leg

It’s a common phrase which is used for wishing someone good luck.

Example: I’m sure you’re the best actress in the world. Break a leg!

4) Cost an arm and a leg

It means something is too expensive and you can hardly afford it.

Example: I’d really love to travel around the world, but it will cost me an arm and a leg.

5) Have a leg up on someone

When you have a leg up on someone, it means that you’re better than him/her. Actually, it shows being ahead of someone.

Example: As long as I can remember, I was always jealous of my cousin because she was better than me in everything and my family kept saying that she had a leg up on me.

6) Sea legs

It actually refers to being able to walk easily on a moving ship, so its common use is when you want to explain someone is really skilled in a specific field.

Example: don’t worry; it’s the first day of your work in this company, you’ll get your sea legs soon.

7) To pull someone’s leg

This idiom is used when you make a joke of someone.

Example: you don’t need to worry about what they said, they’re always pulling someone’s leg. 

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