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25 Dec
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Is it hard to expand the range of vocabularies you know? You’re not the only one. Most of the learners find learning vocabularies the most controversial part of the learning a new language. Forget about the boring ways, sitting and reviewing 50 flashcards. You don’t have to do that.

Why is it important to learn new vocabularies? It’s the main part of learning a new language. In other words, it’s more important than knowing grammar rules or word arrangement. It also gives you the chance to explain what you’re searching for in difficult situations. You don’t know when you’re going to need phrases like “I’ve lost my passport” or “I have food poisoning.” But in a difficult situation, they’re more useful than grammar rules for sure.

There are a lot of vocabulary books helping you to expand your knowledge of words, but we’re going to introduce you some books which are designed for those learners who want to learn words in an innovative way.

1) McGraw-Hill Essential ESL Dictionary

The first thing you need is a good dictionary which gives you the chance to check the meaning of new words you find in different contexts. This book is only designed for English language learners and it provides you the meanings in an understandable method.

2) English in use vocabulary series

This is the most selling book series which has been published by Cambridge University and help learners to improve and become more fluent. You can choose to study in the British accent or American. Actually, it’s the best choice to study IELTS or TOEFL.

3) Oxford Picture Dictionary

If you have a powerful visual memory you should appreciate this dictionary which teaches you by beautiful images and visual effects. This dictionary includes a lot of words, review questions and stories which help you learn the passage words.

4)Absolutely Essential words 504

This is a useful vocabulary book for who want to learn English essential words and for who are preparing for English proficiency tests. 

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