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30 Oct
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The word sitcom is shortened for situation comedy. The sitcoms not only are fun to watch but also are a great help for English learners to learn the everyday conversation that usually people have. Here are some suggested sitcoms to watch and helping your English language.



The sitcom is about Sam, a man who has lost his job and has opened a bar. The bar is the only place in the series but the people who come and go make the sitcom attractive and funny for the viewers.



A psychologist called Frasier works in a radio station and answers his listeners and the conversation that he has with the people makes it interesting. He is smart and a bit strange and lives with his father who is a retired police officer. The two have a witty conversation together. Another character who enters the scenes is his brother. The sitcom is not only funny but is a way to learn how to speak wisely and funny.


The Simpsons

This animation sitcom has been started in 90’s and it is still on the air. Again it is about a family that includes father, mother, son and two daughters each with their unique personalities that makes each episode a funny and attractive one.


The wonder years

Kevin Arnold is the main character of the sitcom. He is an adult who is sharing his teenage years with the viewers. The story is about the problems that he had to cope with but in a funny situation. We all have gone through those years so the viewers can make an immediate bond with the movie.


The Fresh Prince of Bel-air

The famous actor Will Smith became famous by playing his role called Will in the sitcom. He is a troublemaker boy whose mother sends him to his uncle’s house who is a rich man that lives in Bel-air. Will is not used to his uncle’s lifestyle and that causes a lot of funny situations in the process. It is a great time of having fun.


Married with children

Al is a married man who works in a shoe store and his wife Peggy has nothing to do except for spending her husband’s money. They have a daughter, Kelly who is very beautiful and sociable and a son, Bud who is a selfish kind of a person. Together they make funny moments that are very attractive for viewers.


The Nanny

The sitcom is about a woman called Fran Fine who is in the city to work as a cosmetic salesperson. She goes to the door of a wealthy man who is looking for a nanny to take care of his children. Accidentally, he hires her and the rest you should watch.


There are other sitcoms that are fun to watch and also good to learn English from.


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