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20 Aug
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Have you ever thought of relating fruits and food to idioms in English? Interestingly, some fruits are used to express English ideas. Let’s look at them.


As you know nutshell is small and condensed. A space that covers the nut within. So, for any kinds of sayings in a short form and summarized format use this word.

For example:

The truth in a nutshell is that I knew nothing of politics until I heard my mom’s opinion on the war.


Beans is used with the word spill. Spill the beans or spill the works means spreading a secret or surprise that was going to take place.

For example:

There is a surprise party for Heidi on Wednesday. Please don’t spill the beans.

(meaning: don’t give away the secret)


Making a pie is not an easy job but eating it is. So, anything that is done easily can be used by the word pie. Of course pie can be accompanied by many other phrases but in general it has the easiness meaning in it.

For example:

It’s not that hard to do, it’s as easy as pie.

Apples and oranges:

Apples and oranges are both fruits but with different colors and tastes. When we want to talk about two things that are completely different from each other we use this idiom.

For example:

My mom and my mother-in-law are just apples and oranges and shouldn’t be left alone in the same room for too long.


Since apes like this fruit very much and they are usually famous for the funny actions they do, so if a person goes mad or crazy we can use this fruit to mention the point. Going bananas means going crazy.

For example:

Sorry, I just went bananas for a minute. I thought he was going to go bananas.


Usually when you want to relax you may have a cup of tea. As with idioms a cup of tea refers to what you like or dislike.

For example:

I see already that storytelling isn’t my cup of tea.


Perhaps the savoriest idiom on this list, the word cheese can refer to a person or thing that is important or splendid as well as to the delicious dairy product.

For example:

I don’t have the cheese to buy a new car.


When you have to be careful with some people so you don’t hurt their feelings we can use walk on eggshell. So, it means taking great care not to upset someone.

For example:

Since he stumbled and fell against the china cabinet, Bill has been walking on eggshells.

The littlest thing tends to anger my mother, so I feel like I have to walk on eggshells whenever I’m at her house.


In a nutshell, we hope you go bananas for food idioms. Whether or not they're your cup of tea, these terms are easy as pie to use and they'll make you the big cheese of any conversation! So go ahead and spill the beans, it's just like apples and oranges.








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