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23 Nov
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Homonyms refer to those words which have the same spelling and pronunciation but different meanings. Actually, there are two kinds of homonyms; when you have two words with the same spelling and pronunciation it’s called Homographs, but when only the pronunciation is the same you call it Homophones.

These are playing a really important role in dictation.


Lead:  the act of guiding someone or a group.

Lead: a soft, heavy, ductile metal, the chemical element of atomic number 82.


You’ll like Paul; He’s a really cool guy. Easy-going and very friendly.

There was a lovely cool breeze coming off the sea.


‘What’s today’s date?’ ‘The third’

‘I’ll meet you at the cinema at 8.’ ‘OK, that’s a date.’


Grey’s Anatomy is set in Seattle.

My wife bought me a chess set for my birthday.


He goes to the gym every day. He’s very fit.

The trousers are too small. They don’t fit you.


I can’t bear people who never stop talking about themselves.

My four-year-old son won’t go anywhere without his teddy bear.

Some examples of homographs:

1)The road to the town center/ She rode a horse/ I rowed across the river.

2)The whole world/ a hole in the ground

3) A piece of cake/ war and peace

4) A rose is a flower/ flour to make bread

5) A yacht has sails/ buy clothes in the sales

6) Salespeople sell things/ a prisoner lives in a cell.

Also, Most of the English jokes are formed based on these homonyms, Here are two examples; read them, do you understand what’s the point? And which word is homonym?


A: How do you keep cool at a football match?

B: I don’t know!

A: Sit next to a fan.


A: Why did the teacher wear sunglasses?

B: I don’t know.

A: Because her students were so bright. 

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