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24 Dec
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Frustration is an emotional state that happens when we lose something or bad things happen to us. Anger, disappointment, and annoyance are some forms of frustration.

We all experience loss or grief or bad times where frustration becomes our character. How can we deal with this state of emotion?

Here are some hints to consider.


Know about your trigger

If frustration happens to you over and over again then try to realize what causes that. Know the trigger and avoid or ruin it once and for all.

Once you know what causes you to be frustrated then you are halfway there.

Find ways to avoid the trigger.


Practice breathing system

Correct breathing always helps you to be calm and relaxed. After you recognize what makes you frustrated and you try to avoid it then practice the correct way of breathing to bring peace to your body and soul.

Sometimes it happens that despite your hard trying frustration still exists in your emotions then start breathing in and count to 4 and then breath out till another 4 again. Keep doing it until you feel more relaxed.


Manage your expectations from others

The less you expect from others the better. Try to manage your expectations from other so that you expect less from them and frustration may not happen in this way for you.


Instead of expecting from others spend some time with your best friends and loved ones. Make yourself busy with activities that you enjoy and ignore anyone or anything negative in your life.

Anything is possible and having a life without frustration is also possible as long as you know how to cope with it.

Sooner or later it may happen in our lives but the minute that it comes and surrounds us we should attack it with our own strategies to get rid of it because it is not good for our health. Nothing is worth more than our health and peaceful mind so don’t you ever let it control you.

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