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8 Nov
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What is fortune telling?

It is a practice when the person (fortune teller) predicts your future and talks about your private life.

The origin of the practice is not very clear but it is obvious that from the very old times there were always some fortune tellers predicting people’s lives.

It has happened in all cultures and countries but in different ways and different methods.

Common methods used for fortune telling in Europe and the Americas include astromancy, horary astrology, pendulum reading, spirit board reading, tasseography (reading tea leaves in a cup), cartomancy (fortune telling with cards), tarot reading, crystallomancy (reading of a crystal sphere), and chiromancy (palmistry, reading of the palms).

Western fortune-tellers typically attempt predictions on matters such as future romantic, financial, and childbearing prospects. Many fortune-tellers will also give "character readings".

There are many fortune tellers who have made a lot of money by doing so. Therefore, it can be said that it is a business. A business where most of the clients are women from any range of aging.

Even it has been seen that some celebrities go to fortune tellers to know more about their future.

Like any other businesses, some of the fortune tellers are a fraud and charlatans. But there are some ways to let you know which one they are, the real one or the fake one.

Before going to any fortune teller find out about his/her past and job background to see if the person is a real one. By asking other costumers you can gain some information about the person. Because you are paying money for the practice so it is your job to find out about the reality of the person before you go there.

Believing in fortune telling or not it is a successful business for the professional ones and there are many people who are actually addicted to the practice.

In English, there are some other words that have the same meaning as fortune telling and they are: Psychic, Visionary, Predictor, Telepath, Telepathist, Crystal-gazer


So next time that you are interested in knowing about your unknown future you can search for a fortune teller and make sure the person is good enough to go to and then have fun with it. You never know what you may hear or what may happen.

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