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8 Oct
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You hear that if you speak fluently then you don’t have to worry about learning English anymore. What does fluency mean? How can you be fluent in speaking? Fluency doesn’t have a clear meaning because it is a subjective word. But whenever you speak without any unnecessary stops and pauses and you are able to connect sentences and words without any hesitation then it can be said that you are a fluent speaker. Here we talk about four types of fluency.



Perfect fluency:

Perfect fluency means that there are no mistakes or stumbling in talking. A fluent person is a person can speak quickly, clearly and easily. But there is no such thing as perfect fluency. We all have problems understanding some words or accents in our mother language yet in English it is inevitable. Then there is no such thing as a perfect fluency.


Quick fluency:

This kind of fluency is used for advertisements and for understanding them you need to know the keywords and phrases so you are not lost while listening. But if you don’t understand don’t hesitate to ask the requests of saying “Could you repeat that?” or “Could you speak more slowly?”


Native fluency:

Unlike perfect fluency, native-like fluency is a reasonable and attainable goal. Native-like fluency does not mean that you will be mistaken for a native; very few people ever reach that stage. However, it means that you generally know all the same words that a native knows and can speak at the same pace with the same amount of ease as a native speaker.


Literary fluency:

This kind of fluency goes beyond native fluency. Literary fluency focuses on the more intellectual side of a language: indulging in literature, attending university, composing song lyrics, etc. Native-like fluency is not a required prerequisite; it will just improve your feel for the language. a native. Literary fluency calls for an almost exclusively passive input. Read novels and texts from specific fields until it all makes sense. Learn in the language instead of reading about the language in your own native language.

As you can see we have different types of fluency and depending on the understanding of people it can be defined and understood.


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