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16 Oct
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A house has different rooms. A kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and bedrooms are the ones in everybody’s house. The kitchen is where food is cooked and prepared.

In some houses, if the kitchen is big enough it is a good place for the family members to get together and have meals. It gives them an opportunity to spend more time with each other.

The living room is usually where the TV and a couch is for the family to sit and relax. If the kitchen is not a place for gathering, a good living room can play the role for everybody to sit together and have fun.

People can do things together here like watching a film or other TV programs. The dining room also is a place where guests can sit and enjoy their time. It is a place to eat and at the same time to talk about different things.

Of course, the bedrooms are the rooms where people can relax and do whatever they want to do. It is like a sanctuary for people.

But if somebody asks you which room is your favorite room in the house what would your answer be?

Based on people’s ideas the number one favorite room is the bedroom. It is the place where they can do anything they want without any distractions. Nowadays with all the laptops and pcs, nobody goes to the living room to watch TV. A person can entertain him/herself and at the same time relax and have fun. So, it is not surprising that people’s most favorite room is the bedroom.

Some people like their living room because they can lie down on a sofa and watch TV or read a book while they can share their time with other family members.

The kitchen is also a favorite room too. The people who like the kitchen most are the ones who enjoy eating snacks and tea or coffee more and at the same time, they can have fun with other things they keep in their kitchens.


A house is a place where people are relaxed and independent but inside the house, there is yet another more private place called a room where the people can have more private time. Depending on people’s tastes and ideas each room can be the most favorite one for one reason or another.

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