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8 Mar
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- Dress or dresses?

- Clothes or cloth?

These are the words that most of the IELTS candidates are always confused about. So, it’s better to review them once and remember them forever. First, we are going to review the definition of the word below. Pay close attention.

Cloth: material that can be used to make clothes and furnishings. Example: The cloth used to make this dress was very expensive.

Clothes: items that are worn, such as skirt, trousers, socks, etc. clothes is always plural. Example: I packed my clothes in the suitcase.

Dress: an item of clothing worn by women.

Dresses: a style of clothing e.g. formal dress, traditional dress, etc.

There are some sentences which are always confusing. Choose the correct word.

1- She was dressed in the most extraordinary cloth/ clothes ever to have graced a British stage.

2- Zenzie loves historical dress/ dresses because of the link with the past.

Exercise 2: Four of these sentences contain mistakes made by IELTS candidates. One is correct. Find and correct the mistakes.

1-Young men and women tend to wear similar dresses.

2- People need shelter, cloth to wear and food to eat.

3- Famous people attract thousands of fans, who imitate their style of dresses.

4- People who travel many adopt the culture, dresses, and customers of another country.

5- Indian saris are usually made using very colorful cloth.

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