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2 Oct
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cold or flu



You sneeze, you cough a lot, you have a runny nose. Do you have a cold or the flu? They both have similar symptoms but yet there are some differences to tell you which is which. Here are the differences found between a cold and the flu.

Runny/stuffy nose: cold(yes), flu(sometimes)

Sneezing: cold(yes), flu(sometimes)

A cough: cold(yes), flu(yes, dry cough)

Sore throat: cold(yes), flu(sometimes)

Body aches: cold(head and body; mild), flu(all over; severe)

Nausea: cold(no), flu(sometimes)

Fever: cold(rare), flu(yes)

Chills and sweats: cold(not), flu(yes)

Symptoms appearance: cold(over a few days), flu(within hours)

As you can see from the symptoms the flu is more serious than a cold and have severe symptoms.

You can catch a cold throughout a year in any season but the flu is special for the last months of fall and mostly in winter.

To get rid of them both the best thing is to rest a lot until the virus is out of your body. The things that are good to eat while having a cold or the flu are


Chicken soup because it clears nasal passages and congestion better than other hot liquids.

Citrus, they are rich with Vitamin C that fights cold. Oranges, lemon, and lime are the ones you need to use for the case.

Antioxidants or germ fighters, they are the ones that help you fight the virus while your body is under attack. What are the sources? Broccoli, cranberries, green tea, red onions, blueberries or any kind of berries are a good source of anti-oxidants.

Ginger, a cup of hot ginger tea can help you fight the virus better. It is not only good for you while you’re having a cold but it is also good to drink even when you are healthy.

Garlic is another thing that is under study by scientists to know if it really helps to get rid of the cold. Still, they think it can help us.

No caffeine or alcohol, because they dry you out. Your body needs a lot of juice all right but not a cup of coffee. Instead, you can have a lot of tea.


In general rest and drink a lot while your body is under the virus attack.


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