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18 Oct
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If you have a business or you are in a business, then you definitely need some kind of management. One good method for business management is the Deming cycle.

For any new project that you want to start or any improvements that you want to have or make and also want to keep it that way, this cycle can be used.

To talk more about the cycle, it can be said that it has four distinct parts.

It is called PDCA. Let us look at each part of PDCA to know about this useful method.

PDCA is consisted of a plan, do, check and act.

What is a plan?

When you are about to take a new step or want to make a change the first thing you need is a plan. You should know what you are going to do and have a general idea and plan about your idea.

After you have your big plan then it is time for you to “do” something about it. At this point by having your own strategies you try to put your plan on the run and get to your goal.

Following your plan and doing strategies it is time to check what you have done down the road. You should analyze your actions to see which ones had good results and which one did not. The checking part is actually like sieving your last step.

Now that you have checked your actions and analyzed it, you have a better picture about your plan.

So, it is time for your final and new act. The four steps can be followed not only in business but any place in life that needs your management.

Without having a plan, we don’t know what to do, without any actions and do we don’t and won’t get anywhere. Of course, after taking some steps to get to our goal no one can guarantee that all we did is true or correct, therefore it is time to review what we did and rethink it which again another action and doing is needed. Thus, use the Deming cycle in your life to manage your life better.

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