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29 Jan
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What is a cruise? What is so good about taking a cruise?

When you travel by ship it is called a cruise. There are different things that you can do and enjoy while on board. Also, there are several restaurants, bars, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, spa, gym, shops, theater, cinema, and etc.

It is just like a small town that you are living in but it is moving on water. You are also pampered by the friendly and well-trained staff.

The cruise that you take can take you anywhere in the world, but the most popular ones are the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. But recently more and more cruise passengers go to Alaska, Northern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. During your cruise vacation, you will visit a different place every day.

When you are on board of a cruise ship you have a large choice of various activities. Activities such as relaxation to sports. From culinary delights to top entertainment and when you are ashore then you can enjoy wonderful excursions and trips.

Nowadays because of the big demand for cruises, there are several cruise vacation formulas. From chic and formal over casual to leisure and freestyle cruising. Cruise line companies often use a mix of different formulas. A cruise is suitable for young, old, couples, singles or families with children. So it is something for everyone.

In the movie Titanic, the actor Leonardi Di Caprio screams "I'm the king of the world" while standing on the bow of the ship. If you were standing on the deck of a cruise ship on the high sea, tasted and felt the salty sea breeze and know how it sounds when the foaming waves break against the bow, then you know what freedom is.


So, next time you wish to travel and don’t know how just think about taking a cruise vacation. It will be fun.


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