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2 Nov
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coffee shop





You are in an English language country and want to order some tea or coffee in a restaurant or a coffee shop. How do you do it? Here are some sentences and words that can help you to order.



Look at the menu first

If you are a coffee lover, then here are a list of different kinds of coffee that you can order and choose from.

Black coffee: classic coffee made by hot water passing through ground coffee beans

Pour over: similar to classic coffee, made by hot water poured over coffee beans and dripping down into a cup

Cold brew: similar to classic coffee, made by soaking ground coffee beans in cool water for a long time

Decaf: decaffeinated coffee, or coffee with no caffeine Espresso: a small shot of coffee made in an espresso machine

Americano: espresso with hot water added

Macchiato: espresso with just a little bit of steamed (hot) milk

Cappuccino: espresso with a smaller amount of steamed (hot) milk

Latte: espresso with a larger amount of steamed (hot) milk

Frappe: espresso on ice, mixed with foamed milk

Mocha: a latte with chocolate syrup added

Steamer: hot, frothy milk with sweet flavor added Hot tea (green tea, black tea, herbal teas, etc.)

Iced tea: generally black or green tea, served cold with ice and lemon

Lemonade: a drink of cold lemon juice, sugar, and water

Italian soda: carbonated water with flavors added, such as raspberry, strawberry or lemon

If you would like to add some flavors to your drink, then here are some flavors that you can choose.

Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, and Toffee


Some phrases that are used.


Basic and polite

“Hello. I’d like a small latte, please.”


Quick and informal

“Could I have a medium coffee to go?”

“Can I get a large mocha for here?”

“I’ll take a small coffee and a donut, please.”


Ask about the menu

“Hello. Do you have any low-calorie drinks?”

(cashier answers)

“Okay, I’d like a large green tea, please.”

Ask the cashier

“Hi. How are you doing?” (cashier answers)

“Great. Okay, I’d like a large black coffee to go, please.


There are still more coffee shop words and phrases that can be a great help for you. So, check out our next writing.


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