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7 Nov
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What is catering and what does it mean? When the food and drinks along with everything around it like the appetizers and desserts are made in one place and transported to another place to use, it is called catering.

Catering is an industry now and can be divided into different parts such as the hospital, aviation, train or hospitality catering.

Let’s look at each section to see how it differs.


Aviation catering

Aviation catering is one the most important ones because if it is not good then the whole reputation of the airline will go under a question. Aviation companies usually have their own caterings or try to use the very good ones for their airlines.

In any form of using the catering, the food should be prepared three to twelve hours before each flight and be transported to the airplane in a suitable and cool container.

The dish should be served after ten to fifteen minutes from take-off. Because of the special situation that exists for this kind of catering they usually use canned food and very light ones with special kind of spices to satisfy the passengers’ taste.

The food catering in the morning is different because it should have a high level of glucose and energy whereas for lunch both high level of glucose and protein is important. For dinner, it should be something light and full of fiber. So, aviation catering is important and differs from time to time and even from season to season.


Train catering

Train catering or any kind of on the ground traveling catering has more diversity and uses more kinds of food like stews and kebabs.

They are definitely different from aviation catering.


Hospital catering

Depending on the illness and patients most foods are served in a diet form. The food is usually organic, healthy and very high in quality.


There is another kind of catering and it is related to hospitality. In this section, a big area is chosen to serve the food with different styles, tastes, and spices and brings a large amount of money to this industry.

Catering is a very profitable business that doesn’t need a high amount of capital or money.


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