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21 Oct
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Bugs are not only here and there in nature and in our houses but you can find them in English idioms too. The following idioms are just some examples.


When someone is very busy we use “as busy as a bee”

Last week I was as busy as a bee, fortunately, this week I am more relaxed.


When someone is relaxed and without stress in a situation we can say “as calm as a toad in the sun”

During the test, she was as calm as a toad in the sun.


When someone is doing crazy things it can be said “as crazy as a bedbug”

Our teacher was as crazy as a bedbug because we hadn’t done our homework.


When someone is full and filled with food or drink then it can be said “as full/tight as a tick”

We had a big dinner at the restaurant last night and I felt as full as a tick.


When someone or something is colorful we can say “as gaudy as a butterfly”

The woman was as gaudy as a butterfly when she got ready for the party.


When someone is happy and content then this idiom can be used “as happy as a clam”

When she got her birthday present she was as happy as a clam.


When someone is very angry and in fighting mood we say “as mad as a hornet”

Our manager was mad as a hornet when nobody showed up at the meeting.


When we are happy and cheerful we can say “as merry as a cricket”

While I was waiting for my friend at the airport I was as merry as a cricket.


When we feel cozy and relaxed we can use the idiom “as snug as a bug in a rug”

The children were as snug as a bug in a rug while I was reading a storybook for them.


When we get very much surprised and our eyes become wide then the idiom “bug-eyed” can be used

I was bug-eyed when I saw the red car was my birthday present.


When something is annoying us then we can use “bug (someone)”

My roommate bugs me all the time that I have a guest.


These were just some examples of bugs in idioms.

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