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12 Oct
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To continue our list of bird’s idioms here are more of them that you can use and be familiar with.


Chicken out of (something)

It means to stop and come out of a situation because of fight

He chickened out of the fight because he was too weak.


Chicken and egg situation

When there are two situations that make it hard to say which one happens first and which one is second this idiom can be used.

Doctors don’t know whether sedentary lifestyles lead to bad health conditions or bad health conditions force people to lead sedentary lifestyles.

It is a chicken and egg situation.


Pecking order

An accepted way of arranging things in order of importance

This is life’s pecking order. People need to first satisfy their needs for foods before they can satisfy their needs for prestige.


The early bird catches the worm

It refers to people who wake up early in the morning and have more chance to achieve something comparing to people who do not get up early and lose the daytime.

She is the early bird who catches the worm. She gets up before everybody else.


Birds and the bees

Birds and bees idiom is used when people want to talk about “facts of life” or procreation.

We had to learn about birds and the bees in our elementary school.


As proud as a peacock

A proud person who is arrogant and self-centered is considered as proud as a peacock.

Our manager is as proud as a peacock. He doesn’t mingle with anybody.


As free as a bird

One who is carefree and free of any thoughts is as free as bird.

After passing my hardest test I feel as free as a bird. Now I can go anywhere I want.


Hope these bird idioms come handy to you. Use the idioms to show how much knowledge you have in English.


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