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16 Dec
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You may have migrated or been on a short trip, you are in pain and don’t know how to tell your feeling to a doctor. In this article, you’re going to know some common words and phrases you need at a doctor’s office.

First some words about health and disease:

- Ache: pain

Example: I can’t concentrate on my duties because my stomach aches too bad. (a Headache, backache)

- Sore: Painful and mostly inflated because of an infection or an overused muscle.

Example: his legs were sore because of that challenging competition.

- Heal: become healthy again

Example: that special treatment really worked. I’m healed.

- Diagnosis: identify an illness or its cause.

Example: you should give me your blood sample to diagnose the reason for your headache.

Now some phrases you’ll need at a doctor’s office:

When you first enter the doctor’s room He/ she will ask you:” where’s the pain?”

You will let him/ her know about your pain by telling these kinds of sentences:” I have a headache, backache/ I caught a flue/ I caught a cold/ I have Diarrhea/ I feel dizzy/ I’ve got a kidney problem/ I’ve lost my appetite/.

The doctor may also ask you these questions:” Have you taken your temperature? / For how long have you been feeling ill?”

And you answer:” I’ve got a high temperature/ I'm feeling exhausted for about a week.”

Then the doctor will ask you to take your clothes off, and then it’s examining time.

After examining you’ll hear these kinds of phrases:” Don’t worry, there’s no serious problem/I don’t think it’s too serious/ you’ve got to be vaccinated against…/ you must stay in bed and take this special kind of medicine for about a week.”

Then you should go to a pharmacy and ask them to prepare your medicines:” Would you make up this prescription for me? / can I get a pocket of this medicine?” 

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