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24 Sep
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Are you a superstitious person? Are you one of those people that when sees an animal thinks something bad or good is going to happen? Do you think they are an omen? From the old time, people believed in omens or good and bad luck one way or another. Here are the animals that in the majority’s eyes can bring you an omen.



Owls are considered as warning birds. They don’t always have bad news for you, it depends on how they act or sound. Whatever they do they are trying to warn you about something.



Spiders are also considered sacred animals. They bring the omen of a friend. If you see a spider it can be that you are soon going to meet a friend who has some brand new information for you.



A cat is a personification of intuition. If you are walking down a path and a cat suddenly appears on your way it is trying to tell you something. You shouldn’t deny or ignore it. The color of the cat is also important. If it is a white cat it is a symbol of the fertility and change in romantic affairs and if it is a black cat it is a change of luck.



These birds have a bad reputation of bad luck. It is believed whenever they make a loud noise something very bad is going to happen. Their personification is seeing the truth. If you see a crow you should know that some truth is coming your way.



Deer is a symbol that Heavens know what you’re going through and that you should continue facing these problems with Grace, Purity, and Dignity. Deers keep their heads up even when they are hunted. So, you should keep your heads up and solve your problems with patience.



Rabbits are the creatures that multiply a lot and easily and are a symbol of fertility. If a rabbit crosses your path it’s a sign of good luck.



Seeing a snake is a reminder that we humans hide very powerful forces inside of us as Mother Earth embraces all these powerful natural phenomena. But most people think snakes are satanic and don’t have a good feeling about them.



Since dragonflies are around water seeing them reminds us that nature is trying to help us. They are also a symbol of our ancestors trying to be in touch with us.



When you see a ladybug be happy because it is a messenger of good news and good luck for you. Like children feeling happy of finding a ladybug you should cheer up when you cross one of them.


Believing in these symbols and omens or not, nature has mysterious powers and somehow it wants to show us that we are not left alone here.

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