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9 Oct
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foster child




What is the meaning of adopting or adoption? To adopt means to bring a child who doesn’t have any parents and raise the child as our own. Is it good or not? What are the good sides and bad sides of this crucial matter? Let’s look at both sides here.

We all think that it is a very rewarding action to accept and adopt a lonely child but there are some reasons that it is not that good as we think. What are the cons? If the reasons that parents want to adopt are wrong, then adopting a child is not recommended. What are those wrong reasons?

Feeling guilty

Some parents adopt a child for a short period of time to see if it really is what they want and if they are not satisfied with it when the time is over then a sense of guilt may overcome there. They think it is so cruel for the child to go back again to the orphanage after feeling a real home environment. Do not accept or adopt a child under a sense of guilt.


Pressure from family or friends

Some foster parents may feel pressure from their friends or families or even the foster child to accept the child. Never do that under this pressure. Again this is a wrong reason for doing so.


Replacement role

If you already have a child at home who doesn’t have any siblings and wants to have a playmate it cannot be a good reason to adopt a foster child. Because if you adopt one and it doesn’t go with your expectations then a major problem is on your hands.


Filling your empty life

Don’t bring a foster child home to fulfill your needs only. Some parents or mothers want to have children to guarantee their future is not equal to loneliness. Again no child stays for the parents then disappointment may happen.


Satisfy your spouse

Don’t adopt for the sake of your spouse. Do it with your whole heart and desire.


All in all, what it is said here is that if for any reasons you have doubts for adopting a foster child do not make that decision. Adopt a child when you are fully ready both emotionally and rationally.


What are the pros? Or we should say what is the biggest pro or positive point about adopting a foster child?

The answer is obvious. Foster parents want to give a home to a foster child along with all the good feelings that exist in a home. Family, love, togetherness, enjoying life and much more feelings that should exist in a family. If the reasons are right and rational and everybody at home is ready to welcome a child in need for parents and a safe home then adoption is the best thing to do.

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