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25 Jan
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It happens sometimes that while reading something in English there are words that don’t mean anything alone but are short for something. We call those words “abbreviations”. Here are some business English abbreviations for you to know about.


@        at

a/c      account

AGM  annual general meeting

a.m.    ante meridiem (before noon)

a/o      account of (on behalf of)

AOB    any other business

ASAP  as soon as possible

ATM   automated teller machine (cash dispenser)

attn.   for the attention of

approx. approximately

cc        copy to

CEO    chief executive officer

c/o      care of (on letters:  at the address of)

Co       company

cm      Centimeter

COD   cash on delivery

dept.  department

e.g.     exempli gratia (for example)

EGM   extraordinary general meeting

ETA     estimated time of arrival

etc.     et caetera (and so on)

GDP    gross domestic product

GNP    gross national product

GMT   Greenwich mean time (time in London)

i.e.      id Est (meaning: 'that is')

Inc.     Incorporated

IOU     I owe you

IPO     initial public offer

Jr         junior

K          thousand

lb.       pound (weight)

£          pound (money/currency)

Ltd      limited

mo.     month

N/A     not applicable

NB       Nota Bene (it is important to note)

no       number

PA       personal assistant

p.a.     per annum (per year)

Plc       public limited company

pls       please

p.m.   post meridiem (afternoon)

p.p.     per pro (used before signing in a person's absence)

PR       public relations

p.s.     post scriptum

PTO    please turn over

p.w.    per week

qty      quantity

R & D research and development

re        with reference to

ROI     return on investment

s.a.e.  stamped addressed envelope

VAT    value added tax

VIP      very important person


As you can see each one of them has a special meaning that is essential for a learner to know about.

So, next time that you cope with the one you know what it means.


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