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14 Jan
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There are many English books, texts, institutes, teachers out there that for English learners it may sound hard to know which one is better to choose for learning.

Many may choose one way of learning and in the middle, they may realize that it is not what they wanted and they start changing their way and eventually they may get frustrated and hopeless to learn the language. How do we know which way gets us there in a shorter time with the best quality?

From an English teacher with twelve years of experience point of view, I should say that eighty percent of learning is based on the student’s shoulder and only twenty percent is for the teacher.

So, whatever method you may use doesn’t matter that much if you practice whatever you are supposed to do.

Try to practice all four English skills every day. Every day and practicing is very much important.

You can just by reading yourself or having a self-study fulfill what you need to learn the language. The only part that needs for you to work with another person is your speaking part and for that, you can attend free discussion classes or have a tutor for your speaking. The other parts can be practiced by yourself easily.

Therefore, if you see that you are confused and don’t know where to go and which institute to choose to go ahead and buy your own English books and start learning yourself.

All the burdens are on your shoulders as the learner but sometimes you can get help from professionals.

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