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3 Oct
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The Lord of the Rings

 The Lord of the Rings



As we discussed the “Oliver Twist” in previous articles, we’re going to know about another English literature masterpiece: The Lord of Rings. It’s been one of the most famous and effective books of the 21st century.

This book has been written by JRR Tolkien in 12 years (1937-1949) which was mostly during the world war II, he’s chosen the Epic Fantasy style for this novel which is the same style used in the JRR previous book: “Hobbit”, so, this novel is a continuation of his earlier book.It was published during the years 1954 and 1955 in three volumes:” The fellowship of the rings, The two towers, The return of the king”, since that day it has been reprinted so many times; also there are a lot of translations in many other languages.

There are two movies based on this story, among them the trio films of Peter Jackson are more famous which was shown in 2001, 2002 and 2003.

The novel is about 9 rings controlled by the Lord of rings, Lord Sauron, who was under the control of the previous lord (in The Silmarillion book).

Some of the novel’s characters are:

Frodo Baggins:  a hobbit who can tolerate ring.

Gandolf: the wizard who’s aware of the ring’s secret and tries to destroy it.

Saruman:  The senior wizard who joins the dark power.

Samwise: The gardener and a friend of Frodo Baggins, who helps him through his adventure.

It’s not only an imaginary book, it’s also historical and serious for many people, organizing the process of the story in order to not being lost or confused in the middle of the novel, producing deep characters and making it meaningful is only the ability of a professional writer.

After releasing these three books, a lot of writers tried to continue his writing style but neither of them was successful.

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