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22 Aug
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Reading in general opens your mind and if you are an English learner, reading more story books helps you to improve your language even faster. It widens your vocabulary limitations and other grammar rules that you need to know about. Even idioms and how they may be used in different cultures and countries.

Therefore, read as much as you can. It is not only educational but it is a very fun activity too, an activity that doesn’t have any stress for you. You decide when to start or when to stop. But is it ok to read any kinds of story books? It doesn’t matter what level you are in learning English, there are some story books that are known to be easy and understandable for readers. Here are their names and a little summary about each one of them.

Charlotte’s web ( by E.B.White):

It’s a story about a little pig and how his life changes from the day he was born to the end of the book. At first he is all small and alone but after some time he finds some friends to take care of him….and Charlotte goes back to the name of a spider that is one of his friends.

Mieko and the Fifth Treasure (by Eleanor Coerr):

It is an emotional story about a Japanese girl called Mieko. During the bombing of the war her hand gets hurt badly and since she is a calligrapher ( handwriting artist) that changes her life and feelings. Because of the war she goes some place safer to live with her grand parents and the adventure happens over there. Her new classmates are mean and tease her and she loses her confidence. Her grand parents and a new friend help her to lift up her soul again.

The House On Mango Street (by Sandra Cisneros):

The story is about a Mexican girl called Esperanza. It starts from her early life when she lives with her parents and move to a new house on Mango Street. This is the first time that they own a house. Esperanza doesn’t like her new house because it is smaller and old. The story covers her growing up times and the way she feels about everything that happens around her. One of her feelings is that she is different from all other women around and wants to have her own place some time.

Thirteen Reasons Why ( by Jay Asher):

The story begins with the main character that is called Clay Jensen who is a quiet high school student and when he comes home from school finds a parcel at his front door. In the parcel there are 7 cassette tapes with a paper as an instruction from Hannah Baker his previous classmate. She has killed herself and committed suicide and asks him to pass the tapes to 12 other people mentioned in the paper. The story goes over each person’s life and how they have caused her to kill herself.

There are other interesting English books fun to read mentioned in the next section.


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