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27 Aug
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Is reading English hard? You can improve your reading skills by just following these easy steps.

Reading texts and books is one thing and understanding them is another. We are not telling you just read tons of books, but what we ask is to read and understand them. In other words, try to improve your reading comprehension.

We’re always told that we should practice reading a lot, so it can be frustrating when you can’t understand a lot of what you read. So, how can you improve your comprehension? Here are some ways to try.



Have a special time for reading:

As we said reading is one thing but understanding what you read is another thing. You can take a book and read it anywhere you want; in a bus, in a park or even at your office but understanding cannot be done anywhere.

It needs your total focus and concentration. A place where you are not interrupted is needed. It needs your full concentration. Therefore, it’s better to choose a special time that you are not distracted by anything or anyone and have this kind of reading for at least 30 minutes every day.

Find a quiet, comfortable spot with bright lighting to sit.

Get everything you might need ready before you sit down. For example, you might want to have a pen, your notebook, a dictionary and something to drink.

Decide how long you will read. (30 minutes is a good minimum amount of time.)

Put all your electronics on silent mode (or turn them off) and put them away.



Read the right books: When you decided what book to read and understand trying to be picky. Don’t go for any books. Choose something that you are interested in. Thus, consider these points; what you are interested in and what your reading level is.

Remember you not only want to learn something but you also want to enjoy the activity otherwise it wouldn’t last for a long time.


Ask yourself questions about the text before and after reading:

First, browse the text to have a general idea of what it is about and while browsing you can ask yourself these questions (before reading):

Are there any words in bold or italics?

Are there titles or subtitles?

What are some of the names mentioned?

Is there a lot of dialogue?

Are the paragraphs short or long?

After you have finished the reading you can ask yourself the following questions:

What was the text about?

What are the most important things that happened in the text?

Did anything confuse you?

Did anything surprise you?


Make yourself fluent in reading:

By fluency we mean not to stop a lot. Read in a way that you can go smoothly without pausing too much. This can be done by choosing the easiest texts at first and little by little go for harder ones.

One great way to slow yourself down is to read out loud. Not only will you be practicing your reading and understanding, but also your pronunciation, listening and speaking. Focus on speaking every word carefully and pronouncing it well.


Read it again:

Not even the natives can have a good comprehension by just reading something once. So, after you are done reading go over the book again. Re-reading is great for those times when you read the words but can’t get them to make sense. It’s also great for finding things you might have missed the first time. If there are any new words in the text, you’ll see them again every time you read again, helping you remember them.

These are just some tips to help you improve your reading comprehension. Don’t forget to make it fun and enjoy the task.



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