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6 Aug
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Read something every night for an hour and improve your English skills

Read English books
There are so many different reasons why reading just a little bit every night can have unbelievable outcomes for your English learning abilities. Here we will consider as many reasons as possible in order to show you just exactly what you will gain by regularly reading English books. As a crucial factor, reading English books and content will dramatically improve your verbal abilities. Studies show that although people do not necessarily become better communicators, it does, however, show that people, who read regularly, end up having access to a wider range of words, by which they can express themselves and show how they feel. There is another significant factor and it is the improvement of focus and concentration. In specific, it is reading books that do this. Unlike online material, which is generally short, reading books demands longer periods of concentration and requires isolation from the outside world. The more you get used to this, the more it will strengthen your focus and attention.
There are other factures to consider as well, such as the improvement of imagination. English books have come a long way and due to the large volume of books printed each year, the level at which writers operated, when it comes to imaginary content, is simply out of this world. Reading alone does this, but reading English takes this to a whole new level. The result is the ability to imagine great alternative possibilities. If you plan on becoming smarter, English books are your key to success. In other words, there is no doubt that reading makes us smarter by gaining vast amounts of knowledge in little time. In fact the only way to become academically competent there is no better solution than reading at home.
Reading has other values as well, such as reducing stress, as research proves over and over again. Not only that, studies have shown that even reading for less no more than ten minutes can slow down heart rate and ease muscles tension. Over time this impact can permanently change your life for the better, considering the fact that you will generally be calmer and more relaxed. Reading exponentially improves memory. This is a good reason to read English books because you will be hitting two birds with one stone. As we read we develop the ability to pause in order to gain understanding. This activity helps you keep a sharp mind and increase all learning capacities further than you ever thought possible. A last point to through out there about why reading English at night for no more than an hour will change your life forever, we want to express the capability to discover and recreate ourselves. Great writers openly argue that reading books allow us to permanently change our consciousness, thus understand, empathize, heal, and flourish. Once books show us how dynamic and interchangeable life can be, our minds then go across the lines previously drawn and imagine life at level that did not exist before. This can be nothing short of a gift from God.
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