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25 Sep
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When was the last time you read a book? Why should we read a book? You may say by using the internet, books have fewer readers nowadays. But reading a book has its own benefits that we tell you here about.


Mental stimulation

Your brain like every other muscle in your body needs to be active. Reading is the best exercise for your brain to remain healthy, alert and alive. If you don’t want to lose your brain power keep it fit and strong by reading books.


Decreasing stress

We all are under a lot of pressure and stress in our lives. One way to get away from it all is to open a book with an attractive story and let go of everything else. A good book takes your soul away from all the stress surrounding you. At least for a while anyway.




Anything we read gives us a little bit of information. Therefore, when you read a book be sure that you will deal with something new. Each book is a new world of wonder.



Vocabulary expansion

The more you read the more you will know about new words or vocabularies. You will learn the way of informal talking that helps you a lot with your English learning.


Improvement of your memory

When you read a book, you have to remember different characters, their backgrounds, ambitions, history, and nuances, and all other things that you encounter in the book. To have all of them in your mind makes your memory to improve and be stronger.


Having analytical thinking skills

Any kind of readings has some mystery in it. As you read the story your mind starts asking different questions about the events happening and it starts to have some logical answers for them. This way helps your thinking skills to get better and analyze everything with better ideas.


Having more concentration

With mobiles and all the internet bombardment of information and distracts having a place or time to practice concentration is a must. Reading a book is one of those tools to help us focus more on one thing and therefore having more concentration. Try to concentrate and read a book every day before you go to work and see how much it helps you to focus more on your job.


Better writing skills

As you read, you not only expand your vocabulary but you can also improve the way of your writing. A good reading goes hand to hand with writing.


Free entertainment

You don’t have to buy expensive books to help you with your reading. You can simply be a member of your local library and get interesting books for free.


Reading a book gives you new information, more concentration, improvement of your vocabularies and enjoyment of your time. What more could anybody want from a single book?

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