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25 Sep
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Oliver Twist





Oliver Twist, a known name for book lovers, is the name of the second novel written by the great Charles Dickens.

Some of the Novel’s Main characters are:

Oliver Twist: a poor boy who’s not familiar with the society’s cruelty yet.

Fagin: a Jewish man, who is the boss of young children and makes them do robberies.

Bill Sikes: a cruel burglar, the murderer of Nancy

The lovely character is Mr. Brownlow who noticed the good in Oliver and took care of him regardless of what he had done.

Oliver goes through a lot of unfortunate events when he’s a young boy and he never experienced a happy childhood. It’s also too similar to the writer’s early life, at the age of 12 his father was sent to prison because of debt and he started working at a shoe factory. 

This Novel explains the awful situation at England orphanages, shows industrialism and the society’s situation after the industrial revolution (Will Durant writes about this: In a situation where work was rare for men at the industrialized UK, factory owners ask the men to send their wives and children to work cause they were cheaper workers and factory owners preferred them), not caring children, The laws of poverty, street children and the concept of rejecting to be an evil because of the society’s situation. Same to other Dickens works, the concern of this novel is about humans and humanity; he believes that inner happiness and social development are based on the humanity.

What can we learn from this masterpiece?

1-Oliver never quits against difficulties, he always gets up and follows his desired dreams.

2-He’s the only person who expresses the dissatisfaction of the food’s situation in the orphanage, so he teaches us not to be convinced by the things less than what we deserve. Also, this manner shows us to fight against unfair rules, sometimes it’s costly but you’ll reach to your deserved life one day.

3-He always picks the side against evil, even in difficult situations he prefers to keep his heart pure.

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