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16 Nov
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Must Read Books- Part 2

Must Read Books- Part 2




We have introduced some must-read books in previous articles, now we continue the topic:

3) Little Women- Written by Louisa May Alcott

This story with a list of memorable characters invites us to a warm and comfortable American family in 19th century. Every family can find its own characteristics in this story, Jo’s behavior, Meg’s pride, Amy’s naughty things and the shy Beth. This explains the growth of 4 sisters from teenage life to being adults during the American civil war. They experience poverty, disease, and death together and they learn how to not stop dreaming, loving and smiling despite all these horrible events. This is actually a story about the importance of family and not being alone.

4) Charlotte’s Web- written by E. B. White

This is a novel about talking animals. who don’t love this novel? This is a novel for children which attracted adult audiences too!

It explains the story of a pig named Wilbur and his friends a spider named Charlotte and Templeton the mouse. It opens the door of imagination to our world and it makes us ask this question that how the world would be with talking animals? We encounter more serious questions like: If animals could talk, how would we deal with them?

5) The little prince- written by Antoine de Saint Exupery

This French book has been translated into 250 languages in the world and narrates the story of a child who lives on a planet and decides to leave there to know other planets and also humans. He meets weird and interesting characters during his trips like the lonely king and a drunk fox. This story is an emblem of human stupidity and his tendency to destroy himself through violence and also a great story of the power of friendship and trust. 

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