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15 Nov
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Must Read Books- Part 1

3 Must Read Books




There are some books that you should read them before you die, they’ll change your perspective on life and also the way your problems is seen will be totally different, after reading these books. Don’t forget these names:

1) Number the stars- written by Lois Lowry

This novel which has won the Newbery award( the first literary award of children books in the world), explains the story of a 10 years old girl and her best friend who are living in Copenhagen city during the world war II. When Nazis started collecting the names and addresses of Jewish family, this girl’s family decides to protect Jewish people. This novel reminds us that cultural and religious differences can’t separate real friends and love always overcomes hate.

2) Pride and Prejudice- written by Jane Austin

The first sentence of this novel is one of the most memorable sentences of classic novels:” It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” But this book offers you more than just a comedy behavior about marriage or the ways to penetrate aristocracy. The important reason for readership is the pure explanation of a human personality despite all the good and bad things.

3) The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Hinton wrote this novel when she was only 16 and overwhelmed by romantic novels. She was searching for a story about bitter facts of teenagers’ life in the middle of 20th century, but there were not any, so she wrote one. It explains the life of a group of rough street boys who are living in one of the Oklahoma’s state and striving for their life. They have got their friends backs despite all that violence, family and friends pressures. This novel teaches us that growing up is not easy at all and pain, loss, friendship, and love are the experiences which create economical-social boundaries and also destroy boundaries too. 

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