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24 Dec
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To learn English, the more you read and write the better and faster you’ll learn the language. One way is reading magazines. By reading a magazine you will learn new words and you can summarize the articles and talk about the subjects to practice your speaking.

Here are some magazines that are good to use to practice your English.


Mental Floss

What you’ll find inside: What does outer space smell like? Why isn’t cat food mouse-flavored?

If you’re the kind of person who asks yourself these questions, you’ll love Mental Floss. Each issue is full of bite-sized (small bits) trivia and mostly short articles with really interesting facts that you’ll want to share with others. The writing is fun and friendly, so it’s easy to understand the answers to the more difficult questions.


Fast Company

The magazine is good if you like to know how successful companies work.

It is a magazine with easy articles about businesses and companies.


Reader’s Digest

The magazine is not about books or readings. It is about people and anecdotes. Short stories in a very easy writing are found in the magazine that can help you with your English language.


Time and time for kids

The magazine is about latest news and events that not only inform you about the things happening in the world but make you familiar with the popular words and phrases that can come handy in your learning English.

TIME is one of the most well-known magazines in the world. Inside you’ll find news, beautiful photographs and everything you need to get a “deeper understanding of the world in which we live.” Since TIME is very high quality and provides deep insight on many serious topics, it can also be difficult for English learners to read. If you have trouble understanding TIME, try TIME for Kids, which has similarly great content but is written in a simpler way.



The magazine is about gossiping around you. People like to talk about their favorite celebrities and in this magazine, you can find different rumors about famous people.



If you are interested in fashion and models, then this is the magazine for you.

The focus is on art, photography, and things relating to them.


There are still more magazines that you can choose from but these were the ones that most people buy and use.

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