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30 Jul
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Learn how to read effectively in order to develop your English language skills

In this article we want to discuss some tips on how to improve your reading abilities and English learning skills. In order to do that, we need to focus on some important factors that are needed in effective reading. First and foremost, reading requires a ritual that is repeated each and every time. At the same time, if you are focusing on improving your English reading comprehension, then usually you need to add some extra focus to your ritual. As an essential part of that ritual, you can consider adding the followings. Find a quiet area that does not have any lighting issues, and then gather everything you may need in one place, such as pencil, highlighter, notebook, and dictionary. Make a decision on how long you want to spend time on your readings. For instance, set an hour and a half limit and take a good 15 minute break in between every forty five minutes.
Make sure what you read is what you like and enjoy. This is the next thing you need to do and that is needed to read the books that are right for you. When learning English through reading, we need to pick books that are just a level higher than our abilities allow. Before, during and after reading, it is important to stop and reflect on what has just being read. Ask questions in order to understand the text and go over some of the stuff and, without reading all the words again, try and see if more information can be remembered and added to. Then, try and put together short simple sentences that describe what has been read, with questions and summaries that help you conclude on what you have read. Remember that fluency is extremely important because without it, reading is hard and boring. So pick easier books to read and focus on improving your English through improving your fluency. As we said earlier, asking questions during and after reading is a powerful way to recheck whatever information you may have stored. Asking questions is also useful in order to make sure you understand the things you are reading. If possible, go over the material again and read them once more. This helps you to try and see if you can understand what you did not the first time. It also helps make sure you remember everything that is necessary.
The last thing to remember is to expand the horizon and read a variety of texts, whether they be emails, articles, blogs, etc. All you have to do is go online and look for what you need. Also do some tests on what you may be interested in as far as reading goes, which you are not aware of yet. So know yourself and pick reading materials according to what is best for you and find people to talk to about the things you read. You might just find out more about what you can get your hands on, as far as improving and learning English goes, while also gaining more insight about a topic or question.
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