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11 Aug
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Know more about Margaret Atwood and learn English through this epic writer

If you look at the best writers of the western world, you soon find out that only a few are as renowned as Margaret Atwood. In fact, this great writer has, for a long time, been Canada’s most famous writer. Most people usually do not follow writers and instead love to constantly follow pop singers. However, for those of us who believe reading is a gateway to learning English as well as loving it at any level, Margaret Atwood’s books, such as the Handmaid’s, exist as an iconic heritage for the English literature as well as world literature. What makes Margaret Atwood’s books so extraordinary is their ability to connect her fictional worlds to the realities that exist in our lives and our worlds; and silently show how none of us are so different or too far away from total social mayhem and anarchy. In the words of Ms. Atwood’s literary agent and old friend, writing the Handmaid’s Tale scared her, but she had to write the novel nonetheless. The Handmaid’s Tale has become a best seller and will air soon as a movie. Every student in every English department of every university, in Canada, has had to study one of her books for grades. Atwood’s writing is considered to be a standard for balance between fictional and distopic stories as well as other writings, such as poetry. So for those, who want to read books from greats writers and love fiction and novels, there is no other writer more qualified to show the amazing world of English literature and help in English learning.
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