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25 Jul
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How to know which English books are good for reading

Reading in English
There are many different books out there in English that can crab you so well that when you read them, your emotions and state of mind are in total control of the writers, who have written those books. That is because good writers know how to connect with their readers. The techniques that are used vary, but general standards are kept throughout good books in order to keep readers attached and begging for more. There are five general rules, however, that when followed, establish strong relationships between the writer and the reader. Therefore, look at the factors that are about to be mentioned below and fix yourself a good set of qualifications, based on which you chose your English books.
The first requirement for any interesting book is that it has to be interesting. The first and most important quality found in a good English book is its ability to stimulate emotions in readers. In other words, grabbing the reader’s attention is what keeps a book interesting. The second requirement is detail and description. This helps create an image in the minds of readers about what they are reading. In fact, humans think in the form of images, so emotions that generate experiences can be formed better through thoughts in the form of pictures. The third requirement is telling stories. If you look at the definition of story, you will find that ups and downs as well as events and actions are the building blocks of storytelling. In order to form a good story, surprises, dramas, actions, and climaxes are required in order to steer specific emotions, which in turn produce personalized mental experiences. Complete stories have all these mentioned requirements. The forth requirement is reader involvement in the story. Once attention is grasped, the next and more important thing to achieve is holding that attention. Playing with emotions is one way but getting readers involved requires holding their attention. Get the imagination of your reader involved and work on their emotions that way. All of this gives way to a powerful relationship that the writer creates between himself or herself and the reader. This is the fifth primary requirement and it is not the same as giving information and content. Therefore, a good read is interesting and connects through dreams, passions and experiences. So when you are reading, look for these traits and if you would like to write, then have such standards in mind, as these are the building blocks of good books and stories.
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