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14 Aug
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How can you learn to write well? How can you enrich your vocabulary? How can you learn to express your ideas and concepts? How can you find out about the real spoken words or feelings that people use in English language. The best advice is read as much as possible.

Read stories and novels to boost your ability to express yourself in a foreign language, both orally and in writing. There is no need to go for the very advanced books. The truth is you shouldn’t read books that are hard for you to understand because they make you uninterested in reading and brings you tiredness. All you need to understand a context are 300 careful chosen words. When you have made your decision to choose a book for reading simply follow these tips.

Use “ grade readers “ . Find out what your level of understanding English is and choose a book relating to your level. Too much easy contexts don't get your attention and actually may not give you any needed information and too much hard books may cause you stop reading. So, try to find out the proper level that suits your interest and knowledge.

Choose books carefully. Try to find something that is interesting for you to read. Yes, your main goal is learning something new but it can be interesting and fun at the same time. Don’t go for any kinds of books. You can also find a book that you know the story from your own language. This way you can get the idea faster.

Don’t start translating every word you don’t know. Use the context to help you. Going word by word is tiring. Read through and get the whole meaning in general.

Identify key phrases and look them up later. If there are some key phrases that keep coming in your reading but you can’t understand it is good to make notes of them and look them up later. Remember don’t stop reading because of an unknown word or phrase.

Start with short stories and texts; so you don’t make yourself tired out. By starting the short ones you get the good feeling that you have fulfilled something which in turn makes you to go for another one. None of us likes to do something unfinished.

Then go for novels. Choose compelling novels. The ones that when you start reading you can’t help yourself of stopping. So, your reading can be in a faster pace. Someday you may end up reading a long novel and enjoying it without even thinking about the English language.

The more you read the more information you will get for speaking a foreign language but make it enjoyable and fun for you.




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