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5 Feb
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” Never forget three types of people in your life:

Who helped you in a difficult time.

Who left you in a difficult time.

Who put you in a difficult time.”


The following article is about the above sentences and what they really mean.


We all have difficulties in our lives. Life is not always smooth and easy. When it’s good and easy everyone is happy, either yourself or the ones around or near you. But what if a difficulty comes to your life? Can you still manage your life? Are the people around you still supportive or not?

Let’s look at it this way that every difficulty has a new lesson for us, therefore, if something bad happened in our life we shouldn’t freak out and should try to control the situation.

It’s during these times that we know ourselves better. About our weak points or strong ones.

Sometimes the difficulties are caused by some people whom we think are our best friends or trustful people. Thus, the experience will show us what kind of people are around us. Are they really friends or just faking it? This is one good thing about difficulties that we know about our surroundings better. So these are the people who put us in the difficulties.


While having troubles in our lives we usually feel depressed and weak, therefore, we need some people or our friends and family members to be there and support us in order to have the energy to fight with the situation. But sometimes we realize that the ones whom we had expected to be there are not there for us. These are the people who leave us when something hard comes to our lives.


On the other hand, there are if not many some people who will give us a helping hand when we need one. These are the people who are beside us to be a comforting shoulder.


So, now you know what it means when we talk that way.

Hope you don’t have any disappointments when troubles come to your lives.

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