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17 Dec
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All the past tenses in a story:

“Once upon a time a girl was born in a small city and her parents were glad to have her after many years of waiting to have a child.

She was raised in the family in peace and quiet until she was 18 and then she decided to leave the small town to attend a college in a bigger city. Her parents were sad though happy for her to move on.

She went to the city and got her degree from a popular university in the town. She became a nurse because she loved to give service to sick people. After finishing her studies, she went back home again to work for the people she loved very much. Her parents were so glad to see her again and their home had a happy family again.

The little girl now was a young nurse looking for a job. She applied for the only hospital in the city and she finally found a job there.

Every day she went to the hospital and every afternoon she went back home until she met a young doctor working in the same hospital. At first, she didn’t care about him but after a while, they became interested in each other and finally, they got married.

After a year she gave birth to a beautiful little boy and they were very happy with having a little family.

Now, she was busy with her job, her little son and her parents who were too old and she had to take care of them.

She thought to herself if she hadn’t gone to another city she wouldn’t have gone to the university and become a nurse.

If she hadn’t gone to the hospital, she wouldn’t have met her husband and she wouldn’t have had her little son.

Also, she thought to herself what other events were waiting for her.”


As you can see from the story all the verbs are in past form (simple, perfect.)

Whenever you start writing or telling a story try to keep it in that tense and don’t change it from place to place.

Find the verbs in past in the story and see if you know the present tense.





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