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28 Sep
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The effect of listening to classical music on learning better

The effect of listening to classical music on learning better




If it’s the Exam season and you’re searching for an effective solution to learn better, one of the solutions is listening to classical music when you’re studying.

Recent researches show that listening to classical music affects brain function, Sleep pattern, immune system and stress level; it’s also an effective way of insomnia treatment, try to listen to classical music before sleeping so you’ll be sleepy soon. some recommendation: listen to Brahms, Handel, Mozart, Strauss and Bach (they’ve used a meditative rhythm.)

Another research took place at a university in France, they divided students into two groups, group one listened to lecture where classical music was playing in the background, group two listened to the same lecture without any music, The result of group one was significantly higher than the other group, they defined the reason as listening make students more emotional and ready to receive more information than they usually receive, it actually strengthen the neuron network which will be useful for solving the problems in future.

It’s also a useful way to apply in hospitals, researchers have indicated that giving headphones to the cancer patients which was playing Bach Concerto made them too relaxed as they were in less pain, these researchers are only about classical music, not jazz or pop or any other genres.

You don’t have to pay attention to the music; it’s enough to hear it in the background of what you’re doing.

Listening to Mozart is a very famous way of studying, it’s not about magic! It doesn’t improve your memory or your learning ability; it just gives you a better concentration and also makes your brain free of any additional thoughts so you’ll be able to write your essays easily.

 Mozart doesn’t work for anybody, so just try to choose the right song at the right time.

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