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12 Dec
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These days it’s too common to learn English by watching short movies. Cinema industry has amazingly affected ways of learning English during the last decade. However, long movies are more popular but these 15 short movies we’re going to review in this article are really helpful. Try to watch at least 8 of them carefully.

1) Nought: This is a surreal story with David Lynch’s lasting Dialogues which takes a look at the World of imagination.

2) Black Button: This awarded short movie is made on the ethical foundation in Australia. Despite its religious content, it’s a contemplative movie.

3) Finite: This amazing movie explains the concept of mortality. It’s a tragic movie which goes slowly.

4) Touch: This film is made for adults. It’s not only a visual movie, but it also narrates the story through the technique of expressing many dialogues at the same time and using visual effects.

5) Snap: This is a popular movie which goes on at a high speed. The way of shooting this movie has made it special and unique.

6) Geri’s Game: this is a short and entertaining movie which is produced by Pixar Company. Although this animation has published 10 years ago and is totally known to anybody it is always interesting. This is a real piece of art.

7) Ratrix Hero: As a winner of the French short film festival, this film is a popular comedy/ action movie. It explains the matrix story from a different sight of view.

8) For The Birds: This is undoubtedly the best short film of Pixar Company which has been one of the most popular animation during the last decade.

9) The life and Death of a Pumpkin: This is one of those strange and unique films which explains the story of Halloween from the eye of a pumpkin. 

after watching these movies try to explain them in your words.

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